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I wish it would put itself away.

October 3, 2007

Laundry, that is.

I’ve been slack this week, so I now have a pile of clean clothes mixed with dirty ones sitting in the laundry basket on the floor of our closet. Tonight is really the perfect time to do it since Rob is out with his co-workers, but I haaaate putting laundry away (hence my current situation), and really don’t want to do that tonight.


I seem to have had this issue in my entire life. I just don’t want to put things away. Not the dishes, not clothes, not my toys when I was a kid. I have no clue why, except that it’s just tedious, and I detest tedious.

I’m hoping to gain some motivation as I sit here and type. I really should just get it started and get it over with. Till next time, at least. It just never ends.

Fortunately, I only have laundry for two people. What in the world happens once we (gulp) have kids? How big does that mound get before I buckle then?

On a related note, I am semi pleased with myself that said mound is in the closet and not out in the open. It’s a victory, small as it might be.

God, this is boring. I hope no one made it to this point. If you kept reading, I’m sorry I just wasted precious moments of your life.

All right. Here I go.

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