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There's less of me.

October 22, 2007

Two pounds less, to be exact. Well, 1.8 pounds to be exactly exact.

It’s a small loss, but a loss all in the same. Actually, it’s a pretty decent loss for one week.

A recap of the week:
Stayed at my daily points total for four of the seven days. Of the days I didn’t, one day had an unknown points amount because I had dinner out. I was four points over on the other two days. So subtracting eight from the 35 weekly flex points, I’m left with 27 points that I could have used on that untracked dinner. I doubt it was more than that, but I also doubt it was a ton less than that. Either way, I consider myself safe for the week.

Since I was successful at this first week on my own, I’m going to give myself more time at WW on my own. I have the $40 to spend on the monthly pass (which includes the meetings and eTools), but I’d rather use that $40 toward something like, oh, food. Even though those eTools are pretty helpful.

However, I am going to keep the monthly pass in the back of my mind for now. If I find myself losing the personal motivation and needing someone to kick my ass into gear, I’ll join the “real” program.

Plus, I plan to join once I get close to my goal weight to learn WW’s maintenance plan. It’s definitely essential to not wasting my life on being a McFatty anymore.

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