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I'm melting!

October 25, 2007

1. It’s raining. When I was little, I used to whine about getting wet in the rain. My dad’s response was always the same: You’re not made of sugar. You won’t melt. And my response back was always the same: Yes, I am. And yes, I will.

Good news. I’ve never once noticed any melty texture to my body when I’ve been rained on. I guess my dad was right. Now bring on that rain!

2. I had a McFatty day yesterday. I didn’t eat poorly or anything, but it was just one of those uncomfortable days that convinces you you had to have gained 5 pounds overnight. Everything I wore felt tight yesterday, and I just felt, well, ick.

WW (and sane people everywhere) says to avoid weighing yourself on a daily basis. I haven’t listened to that for ages and am a regular daily weigher. This week, I decided to avoid the scale for the week. I actually was doing well. I hadn’t weighed myself since Sunday morning.

But after yesterday’s icky feeling, I decided I needed to know the ugly truth and stepped on the scale to see those 5 pounds I just knew were there.


What, guessing games don’t work in writing? Darn.

Some of me has melted away! I weighed less last night than I did first thing Sunday morning! And everyone knows you weigh a good 2 pounds less in the morning than in the evening, so last night’s numbers meant I’ve definitely LOST weight so far this week.

I broke out Chandler’s happy dance after seeing the numbers. In fact, I’m doing it in my head right now.

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