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WW weigh in day

November 4, 2007

I’m happy to report a loss for the week! And not JUST for the week (let’s remember last week’s gain), but and actual loss overall!!

The scale read 161.8 this morning, giving me a loss from last week (the gain) of 1.8 pounds and an overall total loss of 2.6 pounds.

I’ll admit I was pleasantly surprised to see the numbers this morning, especially after Halloween and Potato Night.

What I did right this week: Most days were good point days. I drank my required water every day.

What I need to step it up on: Activity, activity, activity. I only walked once last week, and the only other real not-normal activity I got was dancing around the house like a fool yesterday morning while I tidied.

I’m going to try and muster up the courage to attend the Funky Fit class at the gym this week (the gym whose membership I haven’t touched in months but paid for). There’s a Monday class and a Wednesday class, so I have two chances to not be a wuss and just go.

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