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I'm smoking like a chimney

November 6, 2007

Not literally, but you might think I do if you saw me outside right now. Since when was 50 degrees this cold?

For the first time since moving South, I’m thankful for the lack of the early Ohio winter. Don’t get me wrong. I love snow. I probably love snow as much as your average kid does. But I’ve finally learned what fall is thanks to North Carolina, and I’m sure grateful we have had 60-degree temperatures during the day and not a forecast for 3-5 inches of snow like my sweet home of Northeast Ohio has for today.

That doesn’t mean I want to entirely replace winter with that last bit of fall that’s chilly combined with the first bit of chilly spring (because that’s generally what I’ve experienced here). I’d still happily take a good month or two of true winter, of snowstorms, of blowing and drifting and of “blizzard-like conditions.”

About that cold 50 degrees outside as I type. I recall many times in early spring when temperatures would breach the 50-degree mark and I’d break out my flip flops. Not today. No sir, no way. In fact, I’m thanking God for my heated car seats and rushing to get from heated vehicle to heated building.

I’m definitely getting spoiled by the Southern warmth. I shouldn’t be shivering at 50 degrees. After all, my Ohio body should be used to preparing for snow right about now. It is November, after all!

That’s a moo point, though, because 50 degrees is freezing cold to me today, and I’m ever so thankful I don’t have to find my snow brush just yet.

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