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Patience? What patience?

November 10, 2007

My grandma always reminded me that patience is a virtue when I got impatient waiting for something or someone. I always reminded her I lacked that virtue.

Still do, in fact.

I’m installing Mac OS X Leopard on my shiny new iMac, and the little timer bar is bouncing from 1 hour, 28 minutes to more than 2 hours, to 1 hour and 30 minutes now. I’m nearly going mad watching the countdown change. What would happen if everyone’s annual Christmas countdown constantly changed? (I’m not the only one with the paper chain still, right? Right?)

Twiddling my thumbs doesn’t help pass the time, and I already cleaned the house (made myself finish before I even opened the computer box).

I’m obviously already posting a blog (on the old iMac). I could pop in my Gilmore Girls DVD and get lost in an hour-long episode of that. But what really sounds like a good idea to right now to pass the time is a walk.

Even if the computer finishes installing early, it will still be there, right? It won’t up and leave because I impatiently abandoned it, right?

53 minutes left now. Time’s running out for that walk. And Lord knows I’ll be chained to the computer making The Big Switch once it finishes.

51 minutes. OK, I’m going to change and go for a walk before I waste too much more time.

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