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How's married life?

November 12, 2007

It probably seems like a friendler, more personal greeting than “How are you?” but I’ve just about run out of answers. And it seemed the answers I did have were never good enough.

My past answers: Good; fine; great; I love it; etc. I’m not sure what people are expecting me to say, and I don’t know how to elaborate the mundane married-life aspects (groceries, bills, errands), and since it’s no secret that we have lived together for quite some time, I can’t really say much has changed.

Well, not much that I wish to discuss lightheartedly in passing polite conversation.

So instead of boring people with a polite answer for their polite question, I’ve decided it’s high time to give my answers a “me” spin. That’s right, folks. Ask me how married life is going, and you’re going to get a smart, sarcastic response.

My favorite recent answer: It’s full of pink unicorns, puppies, rainbows and puffy hearts. And cupcakes. Pink cupcakes.

Cause, you know. Pink is a color of l-o-v-e.

Come up with a more interesting question, and you just might get something more interesting (and truthful out of me).

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