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Dream a little dream

November 13, 2007

It’s something that crosses my mind in those fleeting, daydreaming moments, but I have never really sat down and thought about a number of dreams I have for myself and my family. Until today, that is.

I dream of:

teaching high school journalism and running the school paper;

having a stellar camera and taking some more visual editing classes. With the constantly new technology and the limitless possibilities, more classes can’t hurt;

being a college student for life. I can do without the boring assignments that keep me up all hours of the night and the tests, but I’d be happier than a pig in shit to sit through interesting classes for 8 hours a day;

doing freelance design work of some sort;

having at least one kid, no more than three;

be a stay-at-home mom at least until the kids go to school, maybe longer if it’s good for us;

having time and money to take real vacations AND go to Ohio a few times a year to visit family and friends;

having no debt except for house/car payments;

figuring out time management;

never seeing the 160s on the scale again;

making exercise a regular part of my life;

no more french-fry cravings;

having the job of Tom Hanks’ character in “Big” (you know, the playing-with-toys job);

having a chauffeur to drive me around Charlotte so I never have to deal with the traffic (because that’s more likely than my own helicopter);

being able to tell people what is on my mind without any consequences;

delicious, zero-calorie, zero-fat ice cream;

and Cedar Fair building Carowinds up to be the next Cedar Point.

Some of my dreams obviously conflict with other ones. But that’s the beauty of dreams, right?

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