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I earned this Snickers.

November 14, 2007

I’ve been sitting at my desk obsessing over a chocolate craving for close to two hours now. I wanted to give it time, hoping it’d pass. And if it didn’t, I’d give in.

I gave in.

But in order to retrieve the chocolatey-peanutty-caramely goodness from the vending machine, I had to go out to my car, which is parked a little more than a half a block from the building.

And I figured if I was going to walk all the way out to my car for the change, I’d force a little extra work on myself, too. After all, a Snickers isn’t exactly low on WW points.

So I walked down three flights of stairs, down the street to the lot, back to the building, up three flights of stairs to grab my water bottle for a refill when I got the Snickers, down one flight of stairs to the working ice machine and the vending machine, up one flight of stairs back to my floor, down the hall and through the lobby to the bathroom and back here to sit and bask in deliciousness.

I’m a little crazy, no?

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