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Just one more week!

November 16, 2007

Black Friday is in one week, which means I have one week until I can, without shame, give into this Christmasy itch I’ve been dying to scratch since the beginning of November – you know, the beginning of the retail Christmas season?

I’ve only given in once to Holly, the Christmas channel on XM. Lucky for me, a song I didn’t really care for was playing, and I quickly switched back to normal music.

But with the stores being fully decked out in their Christmas splendor, and even cities getting into the spirit (our city’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony is tonight), I’ve been so ready for Christmas, it’s ridiculous.

I’ve been mentally decorating the house for a few weeks now. I bought some new decorations the day after Christmas last year, so I’ve been trying to remember what I now have to work with.

I got my new Martha Stewart Living in the mail the other day, too – her Christmas issue. Thanks to Martha, I have plans to create ribbon garland to drape on our windows instead of the dollar-store garland I’ve put up the last two years (I can’t take the cheapness of it anymore).

I have the day after Thanksgiving off from work, but instead of hitting the stores (I just don’t have the patience to deal with the crowds – I don’t think), I’m going to deck our halls. Too bad I don’t have boughs of holly.

I think we’re going to wait until the first weekend of December to get our tree, but at least I can have the rest of the house ready for the big Christmas centerpiece and celebrating my favorite season of all.

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