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WW weigh in day

November 18, 2007

The scale read 160.6 this morning, meaning I’m up a lousy two-tenths of a pound.

I stayed within my flex points for the week, walked/ran three days and busted out my old Tae-Bo VHS tape one day. So I stayed within my points, exercised four days and still went up.

Part of me says, “Oh, well. It’s not even a pound.” But the other part of me wonders what the crap I’m doing wrong. I’ve done WW before, so I know it works for me. I know the big difference between now and then was that I was walking to class a couple times a day plus exercising. But who knew walking to class was the key to my weight loss? This makes me hate that I have to rely on my car so much and that things are so far away and not conveniently nearby like they were at college.

I will say the one thing I’ve been doing not-so-good on is actually what kind of food I’m eating within my points. Let’s just say I wasn’t good with eating my veggies this week.

I guess that’s where I try to change this week. More veggies.

But this week scares me with Thanksgiving and all. I’m going to do the holiday right and not let wonderful, homemade holiday food pass right by me. I’ll just have to step up the exercise a bit and not go over points any other day. Thanksgiving is one day out of the year, after all. It’s not a whole week.

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