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November 22, 2007
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I’m not sure who to give Round 3 of the pizza dough war to. It came out, but it was weird.

But I am hoping it was my oven-related stupidity and not my dough-making stupidity this time.

I put the plain dough in the oven first to crisp up, but when I went to pull it out to put the toppings on, it argues about coming off the pizza stone. It seemed too raw still. But I was stubborn and pulled it off anyhow. Somehow, the dough ended up in a pile in the back of the oven. I had to pull it out by hand in a huge clump.

And in an effort to save my attempt, I rolled it out again to a somewhat pizza shape.

The result was a really thin crust that was neither crunchy nor soft. It just was. Like I told Rob, at least it tasted good, even if the texture of the crust was funny.

I may not be a dough expert, but I do know you’re not supposed to mess with dough too much. And I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what I did last night.

At least I’m learning what not to do when it comes to making dough. Now, if I could only learn what TO do. Another day, I guess.

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