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It's dead.

November 27, 2007

My alarm clock, which I’ve had since freshman orientation something or other at BGSU (where you spend two days on campus during the summer), back in 2000, has finally died.

I woke up mildly late this morning, and when I grabbed for my clock to check the time, I was shocked to see a blank display where my trusty digital numbers once lived.

It’s a small travel clock that has a flip-open plastic piece to reveal the buttons to control the time settings. It doesn’t live on my bed-side table or on a dresser, I stow it under my pillow so the beeping is muffled by my pillow to keep the annoyance level at a minimum. But since it’s under my pillow, which my ear rests on, it is easy to hear.

I think I can replace the battery, but I was too shocked then frantic at getting ready on time to investigate what makes my clock work.

Still, though. Sad day today. I really hope I don’t need a new clock.

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