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Here's my tardy slip.

December 3, 2007

I forgot to post my weekly WW update yesterday. My bad.

It was a crappy week. I didn’t exactly track what I ate. I had a loose count each day, but I now know that didn’t work out so well.

I gained a pound.

New week, though. I’m back to tracking and back to my weekly goal of moving my ass more.

If I could only get my mind, body and intentions to cooperate, I’d hit the gym in the morning before work. Last night was my first real attempt to get to bed early in order to wake up early in order to go to the gym in the morning, which I’ve determined is the most reasonable time for me to actually get there.

I announced I was heading to bed at 10 but didn’t actually get under the covers until 10:30. Still awake at 11:45, I got up to tell Rob to come to bed because I’ve recently discovered I fall asleep faster with him there.

He finally made it to bed at 12:30, and the two of us pretty much stared at the clock until about 2. He has three late-night cups of coffee to blame – I only have myself.

I don’t know what my problem is, but I can never seem to fall asleep when I intend to. In fact, I am doomed to be up half the night if I have intentions of going to bed early.

It’s sick.

But maybe I’ll be tired enough to fall asleep early tonight so I can get up early tomorrow and go to the gym and stop screwing around with the same pound.

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