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I suck.

December 5, 2007

My best good friend, Sarah, gave me an ornament with Mickey Mouse dressed in a blue graduation robe and cap (with a real-thread tassle) standing on top of a blue glass ball ornament.


It’s special for a few reasons:

1. It’s blue, my favorite color.
2. It was only the second real ornament I had call my own. The first was given to me by the boyfriend who later became my husband. The second by my best girlfriend in the world.
3. Graduation! She bought it and carefully traveled from Orlando to Detroit with it just for me!
4. Things are just special to me, m’kay?

Well, Mickey gets a special spot on our tree, high up and far, far away from the hellcat. I climbed up on a chair today to hang it, thinking about some day when I have kids and they’re helping decorate the tree, I’ll tell them that Aunt Sarah gave me that ornament years and years ago.

Then I dropped it.

It was in slow motion. I watched in horror as it tumbled through the branches, teasing at the possiblity of being safely caught in their grasps, then bounced onto the carpet and then onto the linoleum floor of the kitchen, where is shattered into a million, zillion pieces.

The only thing keeping me from crying is the fact that Mickey is still intact. And perhaps I can rig him onto another glass ornament to make it all better.


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