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WW weigh in day

December 9, 2007

Ding, ding, ding!

I’ve finally gotten past the 5-pound mark. I’m down 2.4 pounds for the week, giving me WW loss of 5.2 pounds. Finally.

I failed once again at that whole active business (worked out one day), but I rocked the house with my eating.

Being in a new 10-pound range is exciting, but it also means it’s time to recalculate my daily points. My daily allowance decreases by one, giving me 22 points each day now. I can totally do that!

Once again, I’m striving to get moving more. This week’s weather forecast is nothing short of gorgeous. It’s not my ideal weather for December, but it’s really hard to complain too much when you’re faced with five straight days forecasting sun and temperatures in the 70s (including a day at 79!). It’s hard to argue against the urge to exercise with gorgeous weather beckoning you outside to enjoy it.

This week’s weather is actually what I think I need to help get me out of my lazy rut. I’ve been trying to get up early to make it to the gym before work, but it’s just hard to do when it’s not the routine, and the routine is staying in a cozy, warm bed with a snuggly little dog. But if I make it a point to get out of the house and enjoy the weather, taking Lucky along for walks and runs, and make it through one week where I make exercising a priority, I have two weeks basically off of work when I can go to the gym whenever I want during the day. It’s easier to do when you’re not groggy and wishing for just five more minutes of sleep.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, and one week (seven days) of cooperative weather allowing me to exercise outside when I get home from work and two weeks (14 days) of free time to get to the gym makes for 21 days of nothing interfering with my quest to be more active.

It’s just what I need.

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