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WW weigh in day

December 17, 2007

I know, I’m a day late. What do you want from me?

It could be worse. I’m up a pound from last week, putting me back below the 5-pound loss.

Last week was full bad-food days, thanks to a work Christmas luncheon and a Christmas party. I’m just happy I walked/ran four days last week, otherwise I’d be much worse off.

Aside from the work lunch and the Christmas party, I actually did really well with points.

Looking ahead, my challenge for this week is working from home and having a stocked kitchen feet away tempting me when I feel hungry. Or think I’m hungry.

And then there’s Christmas Eve and Christmas, which will be full of good food. I’ll admit I’m not going to hold back that much because it’s Christmas for crying out loud, but I do hope to counteract whatever bad I do those days by sticking to my daily points the rest of the week and putting in some time at the gym.

Wish me luck!

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