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January 3, 2008

We finally fixed Lucky’s habit of getting in the garbage. I found a plastic Simple Human garbage can with a locking lid. $40 later, one bad pet habit down.

And another to go. Since he was a kitten, Rocky has refused any sort of water but straight from the faucet. Luckily it’s just the bathroom faucets, but the jerk will go in and scratch at the sink or hit the drain stopper till one of us would turn the faucet on for him. None of this was much of a problem b/c it was so amusing. Until the water ban hit, that is. I didn’t feel it was right to have the water running so my cat could drink.

So we got a continuous watering bowl (not electric, gravity) and finally got Rocky away from the sink (most of the time).

The only problem is he still likes the “running water” effect and yanks/hits at the bowl to make fresher water run from the container into the bowl, splashing the water from the bowl everywhere and leaving puddles by their food/water area.

We thought we had fixed him by keeping the little jug full of water all the time, making it heavier, and putting a non-slip mat under it, but the damn hellcat figured out how to move it around still.

So now I’m left searching the Internet for a more difficult-to-move water bowl since Rob refuses to bolt it to the floor.

Some people spend stupid amounts of money spoiling their pets. Me? I have to spend money on outsmarting them and their bad habits. Nice.

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