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Elliptical: 1, Me: 0

January 14, 2008

I’ll tell you what: Rolling out of bed, throwing on your gym clothes, driving 10 minutes, checking in and putting your stuff down before you hop on the elliptical is much more body-friendly than what I did this morning.

I thought I was being brilliant (lazy but brilliant) by hitting the snooze and enjoying a good dream until the last possible minute that would give time for 20 minutes on the elliptical and a shower before I had to head out the door to work. But my groggy self completely forgot about the rest of the morning bed-gym routine and only factored in and executed the home part: roll out of bed, get dressed, walk 30 seconds to elliptical, hop on.

Yeah, what resulted was me getting nasty dizzy by minute seven. I had to throw in the towel and ended up taking Lucky on a leisurely 10-minute stroll up the street.

Day one with the elliptical: Not so good. Back to the drawing board.

I’ll be doing a good bit of planning out my routine today. I’m going to have to allow for some sort of waking-up period, but a part of me thinks that time will only be used to more sleep. I’m sneaky like that. I could roll out of  bed, throw on my gym clothes and take Lucky for a quick walk to wake/warm me up, but Lucky is so often just as difficult to get out of bed as me. In fact, I have to sometimes carry her lazy booty to the door. And the other side of that is she is just so darn cuddly that she convinces me to stay in cuddle mode.

Perhaps I’m going to have to become an afternoon-workout person. Perhaps my quest to become a morning person is a waste of time and effort.

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