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What's better than hot chocolate on a cold day?

January 17, 2008

Hot chocolate in Starbucks coffee on a cold day, that’s what.

I believe I’ve said before how I lust after Starbucks’ delicious beverages. I believe I’ve also said before how I’m a cheap-o.

The two don’t exactly go well together.

But I’ve found the happy middle, and I’m enjoying it as I type this. I have Starbucks coffee to brew at home on my stylish Mr. Coffee coffee maker. To each cup, I add a packet of powdered hot chocolate mix. My favorites are made by the folks at Land O Lakes, but they come with 3 WW points for each pack. On a day when I just can’t afford the extra points, I choose Swiss Miss’ diet hot chocolate mix. It isn’t as good, but it does the trick.

But the Land O Lakes packets … oh, how they rock my world. They rocked my world in my pre-coffee days (um, before 2006. Ha!), and they are still rocking my world. My favorites in coffee this year are the mint, double chocolate and the caramel.

The only problem is I don’t know where to get them around here. I want to say I saw them somewhere, but I can’t remember. And my stash is running low. I guess I’ll be hunting them down soon. Like, this weekend.

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