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Hangin' Tough

February 1, 2008

Get out the hairspray and french cuff your acid-washed jeans because New Kids On The Block are prepping for a comeback.

I added some of my old favorites to my workout playlist and warmed up today to “Hangin’ Tough.” Ahhh, the good old days. My parents have what are now classics on their lists of songs from the good old days. I have New Kids On The Block. I’m afraid to see what my kids will call classics. (Disclaimer: Oldies are still classics to me. That’s all my parents listen to, and since they were my full-time chauffeurs, I learned to appreciate real, classic rock and roll.)

I’ve again reached a lull in blog posts. It’s mainly because my days lately look the same, a little like this:

Wake up late, as usual;
rush to get ready, pack breakfast and lunch;
join the sea of commuters heading into the city;
join the sea of commuters leaving the city for the burbs;
let Lucky out;
get on the elliptical (yay me, it’s practically routine!);
cook dinner;
watch a couple hours of reruns or a movie;
and go to bed.

Thrilling, eh? I know. I can hardly stand the excitement.

I do have exciting news, though. Rob and I just booked our return trip to Mexico! We’re heading back with two of our best good friends (Hi, Jen! Hi, Josh!). We’re returning to the resort where we both honeymooned (at separate times, though). I cannot wait to be back there!

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