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WW weigh in day

February 4, 2008

Note: I’m using my weight from yesterday (Sunday) morning.

I’m down a pound this week! That puts me back to where I was before Christmas. I’m trying hard not to focus on the fact that that was more than a month ago.

I had a great week with the elliptical. I used that bad boy five days last week, and two of those five days were 30-minute workouts. I’m aiming for five days again this week, maybe even six. And I’m aiming for 30 minutes each day, but I’m going for no less than 20 minutes each day.

I’ve gone back to writing down each thing I eat. The first day I did that, I realized I’ve been forgetting to count things. I’m able to do it, but I think I just slipped up with the holiday rush and then just fell into a habit of not being as diligent.

I expect that to help.

Now, why am I not using today’s weight? Because I was a Fatty McGee last night at the Super Bowl party and ate way more than I should have. I didn’t keep track, and I have a feeling the scale showed that this morning.

Call me a cheater, but I don’t care. I’m going to undo last night with a great week of working out and eating well, and I’m not even going to think about the flex points for the week. Those are long gone.

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