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WW weigh in day

February 10, 2008

Down 2.2 pounds!

Workout report: I used the elliptical three times (30 minutes twice and 28 minutes the third time) and took Lucky for a walk/run one day.

I only did three times on the elliptical because Thursday was just plain  insane. I didn’t get home till 7 and had to start dinner right away. We finished with dinner around 8:30, and that’s just too late for me to digest and work out before bed.

And why the walk/run? It was 70 degrees out, and Lucky was particularly energetic. I didn’t think it was fair to keep her in the house with no nice, long walk while I exercised.

Food report: I didn’t use any of my flex points for the week thanks to the Super Bowl blowout. I stuck to my daily points all week. It paid off!

And just because I’ll forget by next week’s weigh in, I started off THIS week with a bang. I got up early this morning and did 20 minutes on the elliptical before church.

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