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February 27, 2008

Back in December, I discovered that a mouse had defaced my box of and some of my Baby Sitters Club and Sweet Valley Teen (heck yes!) books we had in the garage.

Rob cleaned out the whole garage and found tons of mouse poops everywhere, but there was no sign of the little bugger or his nest (or a colony’s nest).

This weekend, I discovered that that damn mouse had chewed through the dog food bag in the garage, so Rob once again cleaned out the whole garage and found no evidence of a mouse other than the chewed-through bag and mouse poops.

Last night, Rob discovered that the mouse chewed through the new bag of dog food AGAIN! This time, it was only a teeny hole, and no food was scattered around.

Yes, it’s taken three times, but we’re finally moving the food in the house.

I don’t get it. This mouse, or these mice, must be just treating our garage as their buffet and toilet, because surely we’d find evidence of a nest. I’m convinced I have a mouse stalker who waits for me to get home in the evenings so he can scurry in for his din-din.

And can I just tell you how freaked out I am to go into the garage? I’ve never seen a mouse “in the wild before” (only in cages at pet stores or weird friends’ houses), and I’d like to keep it that way.

I’d send Rocky out in the garage to do his natural duties, but I know he’ll pee himself when the big air compressor kicks on.

Le sigh.

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