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March 28, 2008

You might have noticed I missed my weekly WW weigh-in and progress update here. If so, you’re smart! 🙂

It’s no accident or mistake on my part. I decided to take this week off of keeping track. Having visitors twice in the last two weeks threw just about every part of my routine out of whack. My working out has suffered, my grocery shopping has suffered. My sleep has even suffered as I feel like I’m trying to use more hours each day to get caught back up.

But for a quick update, I feel I did relatively well for basically having two weeks off of what had become routine, and the scale pretty much agrees with that (of course I still check that!).

But in other news, here’s a brief recap of what I haven’t said lately:

  • My parents surprised us with a visit, which was pretty much awesome. They were here the week before St. Patty’s day and left on the 16th.
  • Jen and Josh came for a visit Easter weekend. Their visit was also awesome. We ate good food, played disc golf, went out on the boat (first time this year!) and just enjoyed having our friends with us.
  • I joined a club that allows me to trade books I no longer want for books I do want, and the only cost for me is shipping to send off my old books. I joined yesterday and already have five books I need to send away! Click the banner in the right-hand column of my blog for more info and/or to join. And if you join, do me a favor and put me down as your referral!
  • I’m still amazed at myself and my new interest in all things fit and healthy. I finally understand how people can call “working out” a hobby.
  • My flowerbed is in full bloom. I check it out each day to see what’s newly blooming, what’s growing, etc. Good news: the lilac we planted three years ago this month when we moved into the house (!!!) looks like it’s finally going to blossom this year. I’ve had gorgeous leaves since planting it, but the poor thing has taken three years to grow into being able to blossom. I can’t wait for that heavenly smell!

Stay tuned. I promise to have a proper weight-loss update on Sunday Monday. Keep your fingers crossed that I won’t be disappointed!

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