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Holding steady … again (WW weigh in)

May 19, 2008

Sigh. 152.2 again. Truth be told, that’s better than what my scale has been saying. Well, kind of.

Back up. Before last weekend (May 9ish), my scale was reading in the 151s. Sweet, right? Yes. Then we went home last weekend, and I ate my favorite bad-for-me foods that I can only get back home. I didn’t overeat them, but I did eat them. And then I had McDonald’s three times because we were on the road at meal times. And I also had more diet pop (soda to my not-NE Ohio readers) than I’ve had in two months.

So all of that put together spelled about a two-pound gain come Tuesday morning. Lovely.

I’m back to eating more like normal, though, and have had a couple workouts since then.

So here we are again at 152. We’ll be on the beach in Mexico in 18ish days, and, while a number means nothing, for my own sanity (and to face the food at the resort), I’d like to drop at least another 4 lbs. before we leave. Definitely do-able, but only if my body cooperates. And only if I am diligent on working out and eating well.

Send me all the good vibes you can. I really need them!

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