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I need help!

May 20, 2008

Each morning when I pack my lunch, I always pack an afternoon snack – usually cheese or fruit, sometimes a Luna bar. My problem is I usually (OK, always) end up eating that with lunch bc I’m hungry and think I need more than what was intended to be my lunch. Then I’m ravenous by the time I get home – an average of two hours before Rob is home for dinner – and I end up snacking on more than I should because I’m hungry for dinner.

So I know that I need an afternoon snack. I just can’t get past eating all I’ve packed for the day at lunchtime.

This sounds completely ridiculous, and I know the fix has more to do with self control than anything else, but any tips, words of wisdom or kicks in the pants are much appreciated – much needed, really.

Help me get out of this bad habit! I have a sneaking suspicion it’s got a ton to do with my standstill (or really slow) weight loss.

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