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Huh. So they are right after all.

May 23, 2008

I’ve heard that your gas mileage does better if you go the speed limit, but I guess I just assumed it was a story cops spread around to keep people at the posted speed. You know, since the speed limit isn’t the same everywhere.

Over the last couple days, though, I noticed that my gas mileage does much better at 65 mph than the, oh, 75 mph I usually travel on the freeway to and from work. For the record, the posted limit is 65 mph.

I tested out my theory this morning. When I got on the freeway, my mpg read 21.1 mpg. I sped up to my normal 75ish mph, and my mpg dropped to 21.0. I slowed down to 67 mph (I can’t do the exact speed limit! That’s preposterous!), and my mpg steadily climbed on my commute and reached 22.4 by the time I parked.


I guess it’s time to take the lead out of my foot. With these gas prices, I can’t afford the mpg I waste by speeding anymore! At least now I won’t be paranoid and watching for flashing lights in my rearview.

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