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May 27, 2008

I normally weigh around 154ish at night. This morning, the scale read 155.Ican’tremember. This evening, the scale reads 155.4.

So apparently those stupid pounds that seemed to hop on this weekend hopped their nasty selves right back off. I made sure to suck down 72 oz. of high-quality H20 today and stick to my WW points, and I guess that must have helped.

I got in a half-assed workout with Biggest Loser Power Sculpt, too. Half-assed partly because my shoulder is still a little funky from water-skiing and partly because I was just plain tired. At least I worked up a sweat!

In semi-related news, I finally got my hands on the Kashi shake mix I’ve hunted across Charlotte for – right there in the first store I checked with. Go figure. I’m looking forward to adding a scoop to my morning smoothie.

Food for today:

Breakfast: 1 T natural creamy peanut butter + 5 frozen, unsweetened strawberries + 1/4 cup frozen, unsweetened blueberries + 8 oz. 1% milk = delicious smoothie (I think roughly 5 WW points?)

Lunch: Lean Cuisine meat lasagna (6 WW points)

Snack: Blueberry Luna Sunrise bar and an apple (4 WW points)

Dinner: Half a leftover bratwurst, 1/4 cup macaroni salad, BIG salad of romaine lettuce and baby spinach, raisins for dessert (I’m eyeballing this as ~ 10 WW points)

I’m sitting right at 25 points, which is four over my goal, but with activity points and my weekly flex points, I’m pretty OK.

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