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Well, isn't that grand?

May 27, 2008

The scale this morning read 155.


I don’t know how a person gains 3 lbs. in a weekend, (edit) especially when that weekend is spent swimming, tubing and water skiing, but it happened. I had one alcoholic drink (vanilla vodka with diet orange soda), and I didn’t feel like I ate a ton or just unhealthy food, but something went really wrong. I do know I didn’t drink enough water on Saturday, but I drank quite a bit on Sunday and Monday to try and tip the scale back in my favor. Instead, it just went up.

I’m beyond discouraged, especially since I’m staring at my countdown clock that read 10 days, 20 hours till I’m in Mexico. On the beach. In a bikini. With all-you-can eat and drink options.


I started today with a PB and berry smoothie and have plans to actually count my WW points (something I am more relaxed about) for the next couple days. I hope to see some improvement. If I do, I’ll be journaling and counting everything that goes past my lips right up till when we check in at the resort.

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