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I love four-day weeks!

May 29, 2008

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. Since I’m too lazy to make separate entries:

1. I still have to download/edit/upload photos from this weekend, when Beth Anne and Doug graced us with their presence. Good times were had, too many snacks were eaten, and I think we all walked away a little sore after our escapades on Lake Norman. I’ll try and get to the photos tonight.

2. I’ve added a scoop of the Kashi shake mix to my raspberry/strawberry smoothies for the past two mornings, and I give it two thumbs up. It does give it a more gritty or chalky texture, but the taste and good-stuff outweigh that.

As for taste, it adds a nice vanilla flavor, giving me a berries-and-cream smoothie instead of just berries and milk. For nutrients, I’m getting an additional 10g of protein and 3.5g of fiber – that’s huge! I have noticed a little difference on my hunger levels through the day, but I’m still undecided. It’s just too soon to really make a call on that.

3. The scale has dropped down to 153.4, which is higher than last week but better than earlier this week. I have a feeling I’m still shedding my weekend water weight and such and just getting back on track.

I didn’t get a workout in last night, but I was exhausted from running nonstop and not sleeping well, so I took the night off. Funny enough, taking the night off meant running grocery errands that needed to be done and doing laundry that was piling up. I didn’t catch my breath last night till 9 p.m. So much for taking the night off, but I do feel better today despite not sleeping well again last night.

Sad. I don’t have a No. 4 to add to this super-cool list. Oh, well.

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