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Yummy in my tummy

May 30, 2008

I’m on day three of adding a scoop of the Kashi shake mix to my morning smoothies. It wasn’t a fluke – it really has made a big difference in my day.

First, I get hungry like a normal person now thanks to the added protein, I’m guessing. This is a phenomenon I only experience when I did the South Beach Diet for a few weeks before our wedding. Instead of my normal “hungry” feeling, which felt more like, “Oh my God. I need to eat RIGHT NOW or else I will surely pass out,” came on out of nowhere and would hit me like a Mack truck. One second I’d be fine, the next second I’d be shaky, panicky and looking for whatever I could shove down my throat the fastest.

The culprit, apparently, is my carb-heavy diet (or maybe the fact that my diet is light on protein). Whatever it was, the high-protein, no-carb SB Diet gave me a glimpse of real hunger. I’d slowly start to feel the gauge on my stomach drop to E, then it’d start rumbling for some food. I’d eat, and all would be well.

Long story … well, long, is that I haven’t had the shaky, panicky hunger feeling the last three days. I just get, well, hungry. It also seems like my breakfast is sticking with me longer because I haven’t changed my lunch portions, and I’m able to make it through the whole work day and the after-work period before dinner without needing a substantial snack (which, in all honesty, was more like half my dinner).

Success is mine!

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