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What the fig?

June 2, 2008

I read somewhere that figs have the most fiber of any fruit. I’ve never had a fig, but the seem to be relatively popular, so I picked up a thing of dried figs today at Trader Joe’s. I was going back and forth between dried figs or dried apricots, but since I already know and love apricots, I decided to be bold and brave and go with the figs.

They’re gross.

I zoomed back to my childhood the second I bit into one and remembered the disappointment I felt when I discovered Fig Newton at my grandma’s house. I remember thinking it just wasn’t right for a cookie to taste like that. Good news is Fig Newtons really do taste like figs. It’s not like a grape popsicle, which really leaves me pondering who decided grapes taste like grape popsicles (though I love them both!).

But the fig I ate today tasted exactly like the filling in those nasty cookies.

Now I’m stuck with these yucky things I know neither Rob nor I will touch. I should have gotten the apricots.

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