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No mas tequila.

June 15, 2008

Two shots of tequila are enough for this gringo. Blech.

We’re back from Mexico, the house is cleaned, the fridge and pantry are restocked, the animals are content, we’re tired, and we still have to unpack. I’ve uploaded a few of our pictures from the trip. There are more to come, but I just don’t have the patience or whatnot to edit and upload. So there you have it.

We had a great, relaxing trip. We stayed on the resort the entire trip and spent our time swimming, snorkeling, eating and just plain, old vacationing. It was fabulous. We had a little rain pretty much every day and were pelted with sand and rain when we were caught in a torrential downpour on the beach Wednesday afternoon. The rest of the day was rained out, but we made do. You can’t complain too much when you’re in paradise!


  • We saw two squids and an octopus when we snorkeled.
  • One of the spa’s free amenities was a hot, hot, hot vapor room that shot out minty steam. It sounds odd, but it was heavenly. I felt completely refreshed and clear-headed after a few minutes “getting my mint on” and have declared a “mint room” a must-have for our next house.
  • Mosquitoes love me. I hate them. A lot.
  • Sunburns hurt.
  • Mosquito bites and a sunburn make Jenny a crabby girl.
  • SPF 85 is a joke.
  • I’m not burned anymore, but I have a smoking-hot tan. Awesome.
  • I really should have brought along some tennis shoes and workout-appropriate clothing. Maybe I wouldn’t have brought back five extra pounds. Oh, well!
  • On a related note, vacation = ice cream every day. Sometimes with every meal.

Banana trees are weird!

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