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July 1, 2008

I’ve noticed that my motivation to keep up my new healthy lifestyle stays way far up there when I’m reading about fitness and healthy food choices on a regular (every day, sometimes several times a day) basis.

So that’s the tip I’m passing along today: Find something – a blog, a magazine full of articles, a site that sends daily newsletters to your inbox, whatever – that will keep your mind on making healthy choices.

What do I read? I get Jillian Michaels’ newsletters, Weight Watchers newsletters, a few different Cooking Light newsletters, Real Simple, Whole Living and Hungry Girl all delivered to my inbox for free. I also have a few healthy-type blogs listed in my blogroll that I read as they’re updated.

Basically, I find it hard to make bad food choices or lazy “activity” choices when all that get-fit, get-healthy information is so fresh in my brain. On the flipside, I also find it easier to make the bad choices when I haven’t had time to read much during the day.

Try it out for yourself!

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