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Turning around

July 11, 2008

My weight is up, but I’m not surprised. I’ve eaten out a lot more this week than I normally do, and I haven’t made the healthiest choices. Oh, well. It happens, right? One good thing is I didn’t really enjoy eating out, and I didn’t really enjoy the bad-for-me food. Well, I did while I was eating it, but I certainly didn’t enjoy it after. And to be perfectly honest, I had a voice in the back of my head tsk tsking with every bite.

More good news is that I think I’m on my way to regularly waking up early enough to get a workout in before I have to leave for work. I woke up early Wednesday and worked out, early Thursday but didn’t work out (decent reason), and then I was up early again this morning and worked out.

I’m feeling more stable, I suppose, with working out and eating better, and less like I’m flailing out of control. So that’s good.

On the downside, I’m just exhausted. Planning healthy foods and workouts and planning the rest of my life around those things is just tiring. Disappointment is tiring. Getting nowhere is tiring. And frustrating.

I know it’s all part of the game, but I need to whine a bit, m’kay?

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