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Need. Protein.

July 17, 2008

I ran out of Greek yogurt yesterday but forgot to stop at Trader Joe’s for more on my drive home because I was too busy cursing the traffic. I’m paying for my forgetfulness this morning.

I opted for stovetop oatmeal made with a half a cup of milk for my breakfast this morning since everyone talks about how filling oatmeal is.

Well, folks. It’s 10:30, and my stomach is already letting me know it would like a refill, thankyouverymuch. Lucky for me, I didn’t pack my lunch today because co-workers have been harassing me to go out to lunch with them. I know if I had food sitting next to me, I’d be tempted to inhale it this early, and then I’d be left with more hunger and no food mid afternoon, which would either make me raid the vending machine (never good) or franticly eat whatever I could find the second I walk in the house.

For the record, the Greek yogurt is working famously for me. My concoction is quite delicious, and I think I could even go without the cereal added in. I didn’t have hunger issues the two days I had yogurt for breakfast, so I think I’ve found another winning breakfast, this time less “expensive.”

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