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July 21 journal

July 22, 2008

Ugh. It wasn’t a good day. I got bored-hungry at work (craving something? who knows), and ended up staring at the vending machine and buying the Bugles before I could talk myself out of it. Yes, I really did push the buttons fast so I wouldn’t come to my senses. Smart, right?

Then, instead of my delicious leftover pasta primavera for dinner, I went with the McFatty hibachi rice and veggies because having it for four meals just wasn’t enough. Gosh, I do love “Japanese” (not entirely convinced it’s real Japanese and not an Americanized version of someone’s interpretation).

Then, even though I ate before we left for the movie, I didn’t resist the temptation to dig into Rob’s bucket of popcorn that was, of course, covered in the movie theater “butter topping” aka liquid fat. I mean, I certainly could have eaten more than I did, but still.

I’m not pleased with myself. Not at all. Oh, well.

Oh, yeah. And I didn’t wake up early enough to work out, AND I didn’t have time before we saw Batman, AND we got home too late (10) for a workout afterward.

Day 1 in Week Target 22
Food Points Count
Yogurt combo -3 19
Banana and PB -3 16
turkey sandwich -3 13
string cheese -1 12
Bugles -5 7
leftover hibachi rice and veggies -10 -3
movie-theater popcorn -5 -8
Total: 30
Weekly points used: 8; Remaining in week: 27
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