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So much for patience.

July 22, 2008

We decided to wait until a weekday to see the newest Batman movie because our local theater does $5 tickets Monday through Friday plus a $5 bottomless popcorn and pop combo. Sweet deal, right?

We went last night (Monday) because we just couldn’t stand to wait anymore, and I’m glad we did. Next time a big movie like this comes out, though, I’m tossing out my cheap standards and going ASAP.

Why? I heard too many great/excellent/modern classic/must-see types of reviews. “The Dark Knight” had been built up for weeks as anticipated to be a great film, then when several people I know saw it during its opening weekend, they all backed up the anticipated outcome by saying it was in fact an awesome move.

*Spoiler alert: Don’t read anymore if you haven’t seen it and still want to.*

I think I was expecting way too much because I was definitely disappointed. Don’t get me wrong. It was great. I was just expecting more in-depth character development for Joker. I expected the movie to end when we saw Harvey Dent become Two Face, setting up the next Batman. Instead, we got some development for Joker (Heath Ledger’s portrayal was outstanding and left me wanting more! more! more!), then a second villain for only 30 or so minutes until he “died” (I’m not convinced it wasn’t a cover-up for the Gotham public, setting us up for the sequel).

I think “The Dark Knight” is a classic example of too much quantity, not enough quality. There should have been either more focus on Joker’s character and shenanigans and/or just less on Harvey Dent/Two Face.

I don’t want to totally write the movie off, though, because there was a ton going on. I want to see it at least one more time before I officially call it overrated, but that will have to wait for its DVD release.

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