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Day 2, week 1 run

July 25, 2008

Distance: 2.51 miles
Time: 0:29:58
Average pace: 0:11.54 min./mi
Calories burned: 291

Today didn’t go so hot. My numbers are all better, but I was TIRED and felt like a lump of poo this morning. Not only did I bust my butt doing the 30 Day Shred video last night, but I ended up staying up too late, too.

Plus, my numbers are probably a little out of whack. With only eight minutes left of the workout, I accidentally pushed the forward button, skipping the podcast back to the beginning. I figured by the time that I had one run left, so I counted my 90 seconds of walking as the time I was scrambling to fix my mistake. Except I didn’t really count, and I think I ended up running too soon, plus I thought I had restarted the podcast at the beginning of one of the run intervals, but it seemed way too short.

Needless to say, those shenanigans completely threw me off whatever mojo I had accumulated. The end just pretty much sucked.

Oh, well. I did it. Day two is done. I’m looking forward to recalibrating the system this weekend and knowing for sure that I enter and complete the correct distance. I wonder how much things will change.

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