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Running update

August 1, 2008

Since my last update, I’ve completed Day 3, Week 1; D1, W2; and D2, W2. I had planned on recalibrating at my high school track, but I never made it. I’m quite certain the calibration is off, but it is what it is until I can get to a track I know something about. Below are the stats:

D3, W1:

Distance: 2.45 mi.
Time: 0:29:30
Average pace: 0:12:00 min/mi
Calories burned: 284

I did this workout around my parents’ “neighborhood,” which is wonderfully flat compared to our hilly neighborhood. The humidity was also super low, so this workout was pretty easy to finish. The only sucky part was the end when I was in full sun and felt like I was getting baked. I know. I’m a wuss. BFD.

D1, W2:

Distance: 2.37 mi.
Time: 0:28:00
Average pace: 0:11:46 min/mi
Calories burned: 275

I decided to stretch out my route some instead of having to retrace some at the end and started out with a lovely, decently steep hill for the first run. That was so. much. fun. On top of that, my workout was interrupted a couple times – first by a wandering Shi Tzu, then by me accidentally skipping back to the beginning of the podcast (second time I’ve done that). I tried to get back to where I was, but since you can only listen and not see the time counter for the track, I gave it my best guess and guessed wrong. I ended up just ending at what seemed like the right time. Blah.

D2, W2:

Distance: 2.47 mi.
Time: 0:28:56
Average pace: 0:11:40 min/mi
Calories burned: 286

Like last time, I switched up my route a little and actually began and started with running uphill. Awesome. The first hill is decently steep, the second/last is a long, gradual incline. All in all, it felt like a good workout, and I was drenched in sweat afterward. Oh, and I ran through all the runs without any breaks. Woot!

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