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Taking a dump

September 15, 2008

I’m cracking up at this blog’s title!! Really, I don’t have anything specific on my mind so much as I just feel the need to get something on this seemingly forgotten blog.

So I’m dumping on you some random crap from the awesomeness that is my brain.

Things I’m loving lately:

browsing around Etsy – it’s endless and addictive. I’m currently building up a good library of favorite sellers and items.
shrimp – Shrimp has made me gag ever since I woke up in my own vomit after eating too much popcorn shrimp (what, at age 4??). Then I tried the shrimp they give you as an appetizer at Japanese steakhouses. Then I started liking that shrimp. Then I started wanting to go because I wanted those three shrimp. Then I ordered the hibachi shrimp as my meal. And now? Now I’ve had shrimp at least three times a week for the last two or three weeks. At home. On my own. Isanity, I know!
leaving work early and free days off – Go ahead and hate, but because we’ve worked weekends and long hours for a while (or for me, for my entire first month at the new job), The Management decided to give us two free days off (I decided on last Friday and the one coming up this week) – paid but not docked from our PTO banks – and has been sending us home early. I get to leave at 3 today.
The Office – I missed the many boats carrying new fans into the land of Office obsession for quite some time but have finally hopped on board. Rob and I have exhausted our Blockbuster Movie Pass with Office rentals and have successfully watched the first four seasons this summer. New episodes start up next week, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.
oatmeal – I wake up craving the goo I used to hate up until something like four years ago. And even up till just recently, I had to be in the absolute right mood to want to consume it. The star of my breakfasts last week was pumpkin pie oatmeal, made with half a cup of canned pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and a little powdered ginger. It looks disgusting (like baby food or poo – I can’t decide), but it’s oh, so tasty.
all the cool stuff I’m learning for/at my new job – pretty self-explanatory

Things I’m not loving lately:

the five or so extra pounds I’ve plopped on since starting the new job – I never did figure out how to work, sleep, cook and work out during the crazy time that has since passed, so not working out enough + eating junkier-than-normal food = more of me. I’m pissed, my clothes are snug, I’m a tired slug and I’m just generally unhappy because of it.
getting back into a routine of eating well and working out
– getting started on a better-for-you routine is always hard, and it’s probably the thing that stands in the way of most people and their health/fitness goals. I was past that hurdle. Now, after a brief hiatus, I’m right back on the other side of it, hating the thought of dragging my ass off of the chair/out of the bed/up, in general and making plans for eating.
the upcoming 5K
– I was excited, but that was back when I was steadily training. I think I’ve been on Week 4 for something like four weeks. Umm, that’s not really how it’s supposed to work. The excuses/reasons I haven’t progressed are probably endless (and also pointless), so I’ll spare you the whining. I am signing up for the damn thing, though. Damn, damn, damn.
the summer that won’t die
– I’m not even going to ask for fall weather yet. I know we have a while left before we see regular high temperatures in the high 60s and low 70s. I’d just like to see some temperatures that don’t go above, oh, 85 degrees. Is that too much to ask?
part two of hating the neverending summer – I don’t do well doing anything but sitting in water when it’s hot. I have no treadmill or gym membership, so I have to run outside. The days are shorter, and I don’t like to run with my iPod in the dark (so I can see my potential attackers). Unlike two months ago when I could wait and run at 8:45 when it was dusk and starting to cool off, it’s now staying hot and humid well past dusk into dark. And it’s not light enough early enough in the morning. It needs to get cooler so I can run without having to make and stick to absolute plans to run at X time. (I’m not sure if that made any sense to anyone, but I have a serious case of the Mondays, so deal with it.)

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