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Unwritten – until now

October 8, 2008

I finally have a chance to stop and process last week(end)’s events. The end of the week was so crammed with activity that it left my head spinning.

I left off with big plans for a crazy Wednesday full of seemingly random errands and visits. It turned out, though, that all I had to do was in one general area, so I crammed it into one day to save on sanity and gas.

Haircut: check
New running shoes: check
Penzeys visit: check
Family visit: check

I don’t really have much to say about the haircut. I mean, I was able to see my favorite NE Ohio stylist and catch up with her, but my haircut is pretty much the same as I’ve had it. It’s nice that it’s manageable again. You can’t let short hair grow out too much. That’s just irritating.

As for the running shoes, I spent $102 on them. No sale. Full price. For shoes. To be athletic in. Me 10 years ago (Hell, me a year ago) would snarl at that and demand why I didn’t go to TJ Maxx. Well, friends (and past me), I have a feeling my shin/knee pain has something to do with running in the wrong shoes. Or so they say. And since I’m determined to get better at running and am not so much into pain, I handed over my debit card for some $102 shoes. They’re not the prettiest shoes, either. Whatevs.

Penzeys. Ahhh, Penzeys. If you have a store near you and like food, get there ASAP. They sell amazing herbs, spices, vanilla and other such ingredients. I got a ginormous bottle of their vanilla since I use it nearly every morning. It should last me at least a year. I could have spent a good amount of time and money in that store, but thankfully I was on a time and money budget. Next time, though!

For the family visits, I was so happy to get to spend a solid four hours with my cousin Jared, his amazing wife, Beth, and their baby that’s still cooking inside Beth. I tried to convince Baby to make his/her appearance before Sunday when I left NE Ohio, but no dice. Sad. I did get to see Baby roll around Beth’s tummy like crazy. It was fascinating and freakish all at the same time. I couldn’t stop staring, though!

Friday was the big NKOTB concert. So. Fun.

I admit. I had my doubts. I didn’t think a bunch of 35+year-old men could repeat what they did 20 years ago. But like my cousin pointed out – the Rolling Stones are still going strong.

Anyhow, the “Kids” did an awesome job. Not only did they bust out their old dance moves (and didn’t look completely ridiculous), but Jordan totally rocked the high notes on “I’ll Be Loving You.” Totally.

All in all, I was impressed and thankfully didn’t regret the $70 I spent on my ticket. And Joey Joe still makes me swoon. Sigh.

Oh, and the title of this blog post is in honor of Natasha Bedingfield, who opened for New Kids. “Unwritten” was the only song I knew of hers before Friday, but I think I’m now a fan. She sounded great live, and the songs she performed were pretty catchy little tunes.

Saturday, I set out for the cornfields of Bowling Green. It was a gorgeous drive, and the scenery made me feel all gooey and warm inside.

There I met up with some really cool girls and spent the day walking around campus and sharing stories of our time there. It was a low-key day, but it was a perfect compliment to my relatively calm and low-key time at BGSU.

The highlight of the day was definitely the Pollyeyes breadsticks. Oh. So. Good. Yes, that is cheese strung all the way from my mouth to the plate. Awesome.

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