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New eat-less tip

November 20, 2008

I realize I’ve all but abandoned this blog. I’ve been preoccupied. In related news, this blog isn’t the only thing I’ve been happily ignoring – I’ve all but given up snacking. *gasp!*

Without further ado, my tip – Find something that consumes your thought more than the urge to snack. For me, it’s the Twilight series. Sure, the series is meant for the Young Adult audience, but I’m still young, right? Certainly 26 can’t be considered old, yet. And I am an adult. So it’s a perfect fit!

Basically, I’ve been reading (well, now I’m re-reading) the books with every spare minute I have. Ask Rob. He’s a Twilight widow. I’d feel guilty if he didn’t also have his occasional obsessions that leave me in the dust. I digress. I’m such a nerd that my books are probably my most prized possessions. I’m even more protective over books I fall in love with. That said, I don’t want to get any food on my beloved bound stacks of paper. So I fill my time with reading and have left behind that nasty habit of snacking All. The. Time.

And you know what? Cutting out all those extra snacks made me drop the extra 4-6 pounds (depending on the day) I packed on since starting my new job. I could get used to this!

So if you’re a habitual snacker like me – fall in love with an activity that doesn’t allow you to snack.

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