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May 27, 2009

Random post in 3, 2, 1 GO!

1. I finally got around to watching the season finale of “24” yesterday Monday – ohhh, two weeks late. Did I mention I also had to catch up on the episode from two weeks before the finale? Slacker! I have to admit I was disappointed in how the season ended. It was a little too syrupy for my liking, and it just missed that certain je ne sais quois that I love about “24.” However, I’m thrilled with the president’s decision regarding her bitchy daughter. Eat it, Olivia!

2. Another 24 – I now own 24 copies of various Harry Potter books. Rather crazy, no? Rather than bore you (or make you sit through it again if you’re lucky enough for me to not spare you the boring story) with how it is that I’ve acquire so many copies, let’s just say it isn’t my fault, and I never intended to have so many. Will I be selling/swapping/giving away any of them, though? HELL NO. p.s. Eight of those books are UK publications. I love reading the books as they were written rather than reading the Americanized versions. They’re brilliant!

3. I intended to make this entry 24 points long, but I’m already blanking.

4. Oh! We had an epic battle in our house last week. Unfortunatley it wasn’t fun or funny, and it really did create a great amount of turmoil we’re still feeling. Another long story short, our cat Rocky had an expensive surgery to remove bladder stones. Now I’m blindly researching a new diet for him to prevent needing another surgery. It sure would help more if the vet could do anything but tell me to buy Purina Veterinary food. Thanks, but I’d like info – not just product pushing.

5. Rain ruined our big plans for spending Memorial Day weekend on the lake. It rained the entire weekend. Why was this such a big deal? It was also race weekend in Charlotte, which means traffic was hellacious. We’re either stuck in the house or on the boat during race weekends because the traffic (and general surplus of people) make living where we do impossible to enjoy. Suck.

6. Also caught up on the last Grey’s Anatomy episodes. I was a dummy (I SWEAR I clicked on the right episode, though!) and ended up watching part 2 of the season finale before part 1. So that’s why I felt like I was missing a lot of details. (Ended up with a DVR fail because were recording something else at the time without realizing the Fail. Oh, well). I must say, I felt bad for George’s character. What a shitty way to go. Sad face.

7. Rocky just came running into the office in normal Rocky fashion (for the uninformed, this goes a little like a horse gallop). It’s normally a funny thing to witness, but his recently shaved and near-naked belly made a hilarious slap-slap-slap sound as he ran. Ahh, humor at the expense of one’s pet. Fun times.

8. I finished the so-far-published Outlander series last week and have been in mourning of new material to read about Jamie, Claire & Co. and have been on a reading hiatus since. I tend to do this when I finish a series (or a single book, I suppose) I love. I’m not sure if it’s out of (weird, pointless) respect for parting with the characters or if it’s me being a stubborn ass who wants more dammit (insert me crossing my arms and stamping a foot).

9. However, I picked up “Sloppy Firsts” by Megan McCafferty tonight and was smacked in the face with the realization that my angsty mood of late pathetically resembles teen angst. I feel more justified in my angst because of my Real Life Problems (sorry, folks! not about to show my ass for free on the Interwebs) as opposed to Silly Teen Problems. Only, deep down I know there are much bigger Real Life Problems that make mine look like Silly … well, silly something.

10. I grilled chicken and topped a salad with it for dinner and feel mighty good about myself. We won’t discuss in detail how, while I waited for the chicken to grill, I finished a half-eaten Oreo mint milkshake from last night. Yeah.

11. Also related to healthy things, I called the NordicTrack people today and started the who-knows-how-long wait for a part that might fix the treadmill’s inability to incline. Or it might not. Then we would have to start the Might Be Able To Fix process all over again. Swell.

12. Just realized this entry is full of a lot of bitching. See No. 9.

13. Despite the angst realization, I’m so far enjoying Sloppy Firsts. It’s a much lighter read than the Outlander books, which is refreshing and disappointing at the same time. I fully appreciate a book that can suck me into its alternate universe, but I also appreciate a book that feels like I waterski through. Seeing as I’m only 50ish pages in, there’s still time for the good kind of suckage.

14. 24 is a really long list. I do recognize how quiet I’ve been as a blogger and that I probably owe my fair readers something lengthy, but is anyone really going to even get this far? Oh, well. Doesn’t really matter much.

15. I’m definitely back in that funk I babbled on about recently. Perhaps I never really crawled out of it? In any case, I’m currently calculating the list of IOU e-mails, facebook messages, phone calls and other such forms of communication I’ve collected in my pocket over the last … how long now? Two months, perhaps?

16. If any said friends are reading this, big hugs to you. You obviously haven’t written me off for being a shitty friend AND care enough to check on a near-silent blog AND since you’re reading this, care enough to make it nearly 1,000 words into a stupid-long entry about nothing.

17. Just call me Jenny Seinfeld.

18. Ha. That rather looks like a clever play on Seinfeld’s name. Kinda looks like I planned it.

19. I didn’t. In fact, I didn’t even think of how fitting it appeared until I read back over the line to make sure nothing was heinously misspelled.

20. Almost there, folks! Hang onto your knickers! Speaking of knickers, thanks to Outlander (sick of that word yet?) and my quest to reread the Harry Potter series, I’ve found myself randomly tossing some English phrases into the mix. I even speak with a bit of a (terrible) English accents when I’m feeling feisty.

21. I have specific lyrics from Korn’s “Twisted Transistor” playing over and over again in my head. I’m tired of “anesthetize this bitch” and would like it to vacate the premesis, thankyouverymuch.

22. This is probably the longest thing I’ve written since college.

23. No, on second thought, I’m sure some of my friends have gotten longer (and probably more boring) e-mails from me.

24. We’ve reached the sweet, sweet end! Perhaps I’ve caught you up to speed on the thrilling events of my life. Perhaps I’ve provided you with a sleep aid. Perhaps I’ve made your brain melt into a puddle of goo. I’ve at least followed through on one thing I’ve set to accomplish this week. And that, my friends, is a fair start. Too bad it’s Wednesday already.

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  1. Emilee permalink
    May 28, 2009 11:43 am

    Yes, I am still reading and yes, I still love you =)

  2. Jess permalink
    May 28, 2009 8:58 pm

    (or make you sit through it again if you’re lucky enough for me to not spare you the boring story)


  3. Jess permalink
    May 28, 2009 8:59 pm

    Oh and I like the new look ::thumbs up::

  4. Alethea }i{ permalink
    May 29, 2009 9:37 am

    Thanks for amusing me for 1000+ words. 🙂

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