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February 15, 2010

Here we are, another McHealthy Monday. I wish I had an amazing, healthful update, but this happened:

I actually had a great week – until Friday. That’s when two of our best friends came to stay with Rob and I for the weekend. Way too many calories are involved when the four of us get together, and living far apart means we have some McFatty weekends together.

When they rolled into town, I had actually dropped the 3 lbs. I gained during the holidays. I ate well all week. I didn’t exercise, but that’s because I was hustling and bustling around the house and town, cleaning and running errands. By the time I finished with my to-do list each day, all I could do was collapse in bed.

But my good McHealthy week doesn’t count for much (well, except for the knowledge that if I hadn’t dropped those el bees, I would have added to the McFattiness rather than just taking a step forward and a step back), thanks to pasta (in a creamy, bacon-y cheese sauce), Chinese, a milkshake and that ginormous Baked Alaska at the start of this entry.


‘Tis a new week, friends. After I click the publish button for this entry, I’m off to Target to get this week’s groceries and am looking forward to another McHealthy week. The great thing about putting on fast pounds by carb overload is that the pounds tend to quickly drop off once the overload is eliminated.

Overload, you are ELIMINATED.

(These photos are actually from Saturday, not today, but you’ll let this no-no slide every now and then, right? You won’t haze me for my photo banking, right?)

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