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February 22, 2010

The photo quality is horrendous, I know. Bear with me, I kinda don’t care today. I’m in a mood.

I’m killing two birds with one stone – three, actually. 1. Project 365, 2. McHealthy Monday, 3. a big thank you and shout out.

1. It’s me. In my kitchen. With a book. And a smile.

2. Those jeans I’m wearing are jeans I bought OH MY GOD almost two years ago. Old Navy was having a sale, so I bought three pairs in the same size, same cut, different colors. I didn’t try them on because I already owned a pair in the cut. I got them home, and one pair fit perfectly, one pair was snug, one pair wouldn’t even consider zipping. The jeans in this photo are those same jeans that would not zip.

I’ll let the jeans speak for my McHealthy week.

3. The book I’m cheesing with is “Cracked Up To Be,” by Courtney Summers, and it is a prize/gift/thank you from my good friend Jessica, whose blog, Forever Young, rocks my world. She recently gave her blog a giant facelift and asked her readers to help give the blog a new name. Yours truly won the naming contest, and for my prize, instead of requesting a specific book title like Jessica offered, I asked for a surprise. Jessica and I have similar taste in our literary snacks, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong with something she chose.

If you’re a fan of Young Adult literature or if you need gift ideas for a young adult, cruise by and check out her most excellent book reviews and other book-related happenings.

Thanks for the book, Jess! I so look forward to reading it!

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  1. February 22, 2010 6:43 pm

    Rock on!

  2. February 22, 2010 9:35 pm


    I actually got you Some Girls Are, too…it should be surprising you soon as well. 😀

  3. February 22, 2010 10:08 pm

    Ok I waited a couple of days to make sure it wasn’t just a reaction to the newness before saying anything. But I’m pretty confident at this point that I LOVE the hair. And the jeans (smokin’). And the book recs. But mostly the hair and the jeans at this point because I have to finish my current library stash before I’m allowed any more. It’s like, a house rule.

  4. February 23, 2010 10:41 am

    Congrats, on the McHealthy jeans!

  5. Jenny permalink*
    February 23, 2010 8:11 pm

    Thanks, ladies!

    Jess – zomg! TWO books?! I’m about to pee with excitement!
    Mae – Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m kinda addicted to my hair. I don’t think I can go back to boring dark blonde. Misfit for life!

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