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Hi. That’s me. The one with pink hair, not the brick butt. That’s art. Supposedly.

About me:

I …

… am Jenny. I’m also called Jennifer and Jen, but never Jenn – unless it’s the only way to make my URL and Twitter account work for me.

… do not drink gin, despite what “Jennandtonica” implies. I drank it once. The night didn’t end well. I called dinosaurs for a long time.

… write exactly how I speak with friends. This includes words I would not say in front of a toddler, your grandmother, clergy and my BFF’s parents. Of course, if I stub my toe hard enough in front of these people, they just might hear something R-rated. That shit hurts.

… have a journalism degree I’m currently only using to write about my life for free. Something tells me this is a bit wonky.

… love breaking the journalistic, serious-news rules here by gratuitous parenthesis-use, ALL CAPS and starting sentences with “and” and “but.”

… am married to the perfect man. Rob’s my favorite mechanic, comedian, handyman, therapist and rockstar. He supports me better than any bra ever will, and I’m thrilled to call him mine forever and ever.

… have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and am working with a team of Reproductive Endocrinologists to make a mini-me or mini-Rob. It’s a heartbreaking, frustrating, expensive task, but I hear parenthood also claims these adjectives. I’d like to say I have faith in God and modern medicine that Rob and I will successfully procreate, but I’m too rational and know that infertility doesn’t always have that specific happy ending.

… have faith that God is teaching me what I need to know for the plans He has for me.

… read what makes me happy. A lot of the books I love fall under the Young Adult genre, and that’s A-OK by me. Some of my favorite books are picture books. I love a good story, and good stories are not limited to Serious Adult Fiction.

… find great difficulty in keeping serious topics 100 percent serious. My favorite brand of mood-relief is self-deprecation. I am a Chandler.

About my reproductive system:

Meh. I hesitate to include this, as I do not define myself by my infertility journey, but I have a feeling there are at least a few readers who don’t have my medical history memorized.

Dec. 2008 – quit birth control, start charting cycles with suspicion of wonky cycles

Jan., Feb. 2009 – normal cycles, ovulation

March, April 2009 – long, anovulatory cycle – had menses without medication

June 2009 – anovulatory cycle, prescribed Provera to end cycle

June – September 2009 – anovulatory cycle, prescribed Prometrium to end cycle

June 2009 – tentatively diagnosed with PCOS, decide it’s time to move forward with medical intervention

Aug. 2009 – consultation with RE, made first RE appointment

Sept. 2009 – first RE appointment, official PCOS diagnosis via ultrasound (bloodwork was normal), HSG shows no endometreosis and clear fallopian tubes; first medicated cycle was canceled because of an ovarian cyst, prescribed Prometrium starting cycle day 17 to end cycle (and not have a long cycle); semen analysis results are stellar. Only one of us has a fertility issue.

October 2009 – prescribed Metformin, Femara and Ovidrel; my body responded well to the medication, and I found out I was pregnant. The pregnancy ended less than a week later.

Nov. 2009 – Feb. 2010 – Metformin, Femara and Ovidrel – body still responding well, but no pregnancies

March 2010 – Metformin, Femara, Ovidrel and Gonal F – added the injectables to produce more eggs

April 2010 – Early miscarriage #2; taking a break and spending the money usually reserved for medication and doctor-visit copays on a venture with a definitely positive outcome – a kitchen makeover!

About my blog:

“Jennandtonica” is an homage to Adam Sandler, one of my favorite funny people. “What the blog?” reflects my most excellent sense of humor.

My very first entry, written back in October 2007, sums up pretty well what you’ll read here.

I’ve blogged about a myriad of topics that have dominated my life since: weight, fitness, health, cooking, eating, reading and, most recently, infertility.

Through it all, I aim to keep things honest and personal – just not the kind of personal that sends creepers to follow me around town and peep through my windows.

About the design:

Do you like what you see? Hop over to Lisa at My Little Buffalo. I love her work and am thrilled with what she designed for me.


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